Lead Partner- The Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF)

The Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF) is responsible for elaboration and coordination of agricultural, forestry and agro-food policies, including rural development.It is the implementing institution for the Leader Partner of this Consortium. It develops and coordinates agricultural, agri-food, quality schemes, forestry, fisheries and tourism policies at the national, European and international level. Among others, the MiPAAFT is in the competent public authority in charge for:

- carrying research, surveys, monitoring, analysis and forecast regarding the rural development policies in the regional, national and international context;

- support and technical assistance;

- scientific actions, in order to meet the requirements of the Parliament, of the national Government, of the Regions, of the local bodies, of the EU and of other international institutions, also of agri-food associations;

- technical assistance to the regional and local administrations for the accomplishment and implementation of the rural development programmes;

- training, information and animation on the community, national and regional rural development

- policies towards all the actors involved in the implementation and realization of rural development programmes;

- information activities towards a wider public, on the opportunities and results of the policies and programmes of development for rural areas.

The MiPAAFT “Department for the coordination of European and international policies and rural development” (DIPEISR) is the competent authority in charge for exercising the Ministry's duties in the field of market policies in the agricultural and agri-food sector, handles relations with the European Union in the formation and implementation of Community legislation of the Council, Parliament and the Commission and promotes the protection of national forest interests.

More in particular, the following MiPAAFT structures under the DIPEISR Dept. will be involved in the Twinning activities:

·            General Directorate for Rural Development (DISR)

·            General Directorate for the EU and  International Policies (PIUE)

In its activities, the Ministry is supported by in house supporting institutes such as the “National Council for Research and Economics in Agriculture” (CREA) and the “Institute of Services for Agriculture and Food Market” (ISMEA). Those institutions will provide the necessary technical support for the implementation of the Twinning project in case of selection.

While MiPAAFT defines the national framework strategies (“National Strategic Plan”), is responsible for the implementation of Common Agricultural Policy including Direct Payments and Rural Development and acts as a coordinating body, the Italian Regions play a key role at local level dealing with implementing functions and playing the role of Managing and Implementing Authorities of “Rural Development Programs” (RDPs) tailored on single region’s need due to the economic and social diversities among Italy’s territories (north, main inland agriculture, center, mix agriculture and south/islands Mediterranean agriculture, according to EU NUTS 2 classification).

The national “Paying Agency on Agriculture” (AGEA), with the support of the involved regional paying agencies (such as ARTEA – Tuscany; AVEPA – Veneto; AGREA – Emilia-Romagna), is responsible for implementing direct payments and Common Market Organization support while the MiPAAFT define the national strategies and acts as a coordinating and monitoring body of the Italian support schemes provided by Common Agricultural Policy.


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