EU Member States Team

Salvatore Carfì

The MS Project Leader (PL) is Salvatore Carfì in charge to guarantee the achievement of the requested outputs and the efficient development of the Twinning project.

The Project Leader (PL) manages:

·      Overall coordination and managing of the implementation of the project in cooperation with the BC Project Leader

·      Ensuring sound implementation of the envisaged activities

·      Monitoring and evaluating the needs and priorities in the respective sector, project risks, progress against the project budget, benchmarks, and outputs, and taking any necessary remedial actions if needed

·      Coordination of MS expert work and availability

·      Ensuring backstopping and financial management of the project in the MS

·      Participation in Steering Committee meetings

·      Organization of study visits

·      Project reporting.

Riccardo Passero

The Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) is Riccardo Passero (based in Baku). He will provide day by day coordination of the project and will call upon experts from MSs partner institutions.

RTA tasks:

·      Day to day management of the project in the beneficiary institution

·      Assist with organization of visibility events and Steering Committee meetings, study visits to MS-countries administrations

·      Providing technical advice on EU policies and best practices

·      Networking with institutions relevant to this project in Azerbaijan and in EU MS

·      Preparation of Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Short-Term Experts' (STEs’) and assist with  their missions

·      Assessing continuously the Twinning-project at all stages and comparing actual progress with the specified benchmarks and time-frame

·      Liaising with the BC Project Leader and RTA Counterpart on regular basis, EU Delegation and the PAO of Azerbaijan

·      Assist MS PL with preparing interim, quarterly and final reports.

Dawid Ciupak

The Polish Junior Project Leader (JPL) is Dawid Ciupak, responsible for coordination of Polish experts provided by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture.

Erikas Bėrontas

The Lithuanian Junior Project Leader is Erikas Bėrontas responsible for coordination of Lithuanian experts provided by the National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture.

Twinning Office

Address: c/o Agency for Agro Credit and Development (AKIA), Ziya Bünyadov pr. 1965, Chinar Park, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Telephone: -

RTA - Mr. Riccardo Passero [email protected]

RTA Assistant - Diliara Agajeva -

Language Assistant – Rima Akhmadova -