Result 7

Result 7: Proposal for the introduction of the EU rural development framework and best practise developed 

Indicators of achievement

7.1 Strategy and action plan developed detailing steps to be taken (legislative, institutional development, capacity building, resource allocation) to enable the MoA over time to undertake rural development programming, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation in using EU best practices; 

7.2 Guidelines prepared to outline the methodology for the development of a rural development programme in line with EU approaches;

7.3 Concept note prepared on the scope and requirements (legislation, institutional development, capacity building and resource requirements) including an action plan for providing incentives for environmentally sound agricultural practices in ecologically vulnerable areas;

7.4 Training programme developed and delivered on EU approaches to rural development programming and implementation and covering EU rural development practices

- Year 1:  10% of MoA staff that are engaged in programming agricultural support trained in EU rural development practice. Training to encompass all stages of rural development from sector analysis, strategy and action plan development to measure programming, implementation and evaluation and budgeting. Training materials to be based on actual Member State examples.

- 80% of staff undergoing training is satisfied with the relevance and quality of training.

A total staff of relevant departments concerned by the subject of the result: 60

7.5 Organization of a study tour on EU RD programming and implementation practise to an EU member state (s) for 5 participants.

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