Result 5

Result 5:  Farm Data Monitoring System (FDMS) further aligned with EU Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) standards and used for policy analysis

Indicators of achievement: 

5.1 Update on 2018 TAIEX expert mission report on the Azerbaijani FDMS;

5.2 Recommendations prepared on modifications to the FDMS questionnaire to calculate all Standard Results indicators according to definitions of variables used in FADN standard results (RI/CC 1750) and the possible introduction of farm typology based on Typology Handbook (RI/CC 1500) elaborated;

5.3 Modifications to the above that are agreed with MoA introduced;

5.4 Extrapolation of  FDMS results to the agricultural census instead of the currently used subsidy data base and unit cost calculation for the most important agricultural products;

5.5 Training needs assessment carried out and training programme developed for FDMS staff of the statistics department and field data collection staff;

5.6 Training delivered

- In year I: 50% of staff operating the FDMS in the statistics department trained on the revised methodology and 100% understanding of the basic principles of FADN.

- In year II:  100% of staff operating the FDMS in the statistics department trained on the revised methodology. 10% of FDMS field data collection staff trained as future trainers.

- 80% of staff undergoing training is satisfied with relevance and quality of training.

Total staff of relevant departments concerned by the result: 30

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