Result 2

Result 2:  Policy options developed for improving effectiveness and efficiency and compliance of domestic support with likely future requirements

Indicators of achievement

2.1 Report prepared on alternatives to the current domestic support measures to promote growth, address structural changes, offering better targeting notably of small and medium sized farms and   lower administration cost.[1] This report will include a projection of impact of alternative support schemes on farm income, income distribution over farm types and sizes, competitiveness, income disparities between regions with favourable production conditions and areas with constraints and other indicators to be developed by the Twinning.

2.2 A report on the potential of shifting part of domestic support from Amber Box to Green Box subsidies and justification on the possibility for Azerbaijan to obtain access to Art. 6.2[2] of the AoA, which will include of the information on domestic support in the agricultural sector in the ACC/4 format.

2.3 Alternative options proposed for transition from current to a future subsidy regime including corresponding institutional changes.

2.4 Workshop for approximately 50 stakeholders supported to present proposal on subsidy policy options and obtain stakeholder feedback.

2.5 At least 100 copies of reports/methodologies /recommendations disseminated.

2.6 Training plan developed and delivered.

- 20% of staff of relevant MoA departments (statistics, subsides) have acquired knowledge in the use of models enabling the simulation/forecasting of impact of change of domestic support measures.

- 80% of staff undergoing training is satisfied with relevance and quality of training.

Total staff of relevant departments concerned by the result: 50


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