Steering Committees



Every three months the management of the project gather for the Steering Committee Meetings. The Steering Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of progress. Quarterly reports of the past quarters, Work Plans for the following two quarters are usually the documents presented and overviewed during the meetings. Beneficiary and Member State Project Leaders, Junior Project Leaders, representatives of the European Union delegation and PAO, Resident Twinning Adviser and the counterpart are the permanent members of the Steering Committees. 

Twinning Office

Address: c/o Agency for Agro Credit and Development (AKIA) Ahmad Rajabli 329-339, Chinar Park, (Bina 1, 5th floor, room 14),Baku, Azerbaijan

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RTA - Riccardo Passero

RTA Assistant - Diliara Agajeva

Language Assistant – Mirsajjad Mirizada